How to get a credit card in Japan



How to get a credit card in Japan

Is it difficult for foreigners to get a credit card in Japan? For those who is finding it difficult to read Japanese, we introduce to you "How to get a credit card in Japan"

If you are foreigner who is working or studying in Japan, we show you a way how to get your own credit card.

Can foreigner get a credit card in Japan?

Before credit card will be issued, one of the main processes is review.

Card can be issued even if you are not Japan resident.
As applying and reviewing process is the same for Japanese and foreigners, many people get frustrated especially when Japanese skills are not very high.

- being capable of repayment
- long period of stay in Japan

If all conditions are met, you can get a credit card smoothly.

Except usual documents foreigner need to provide:
1. Residence card
2. Special permanent resident certificate
(students may be asked to provide a student ID)

Every company might have their procedures for applying to get a credit card.

About period of stay

- the longer period of stay, the smoother the reviewing process
- A stable earnings as well as Japanese is a point where reliability is improved.

Recommended credit cards for foreigners in Japan

Following credit cards are easy for foreigners to issue in Japan. For them you can apply relatively smoothly

1. Mitsui Sumitomo VISA Debut Plus card

This card is recommended for 18-25 years old.
The point return rate is 1%.

Official site

2. Rakuten card

Rakuten card points reduction rate is 1%.

Official site

Could I contact Rakuten card in English?
>Official Site

How to apply for credit card

So, how do foreigners actually apply for credit cards in Japan?
As a precaution, when applying for a credit card, it is necessary to write your info (name etc.) exactly as written in your ID. Be careful to match all the info in your application documents.

If you want to apply for Mitsui Sumitomo VISA card, you can use following two methods.

1. Application by internet
You can complete all procedures on the Internet in this case. After confirming the terms, entering personal and business information, setting up a withdrawal account, you should apply. The result of review will be sent by e-mail in several days. If you go through the approving procedure successfully, you will receive a credit card via mail at a later date.

2. Application by internet + to proceed by post
If the withdrawal account does not suit the procedures on the Internet, you can only apply by this method. Like the above, you should confirm the terms and enter your personal information on the web-page. Then you should send printed documents by mail. Please fill out the necessary information on the document, and return the signed and stamped items by mail.
The result of the examination will be sent via e-mail, and after that the credit card will be sent via mail

Official site


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